Bug fixing release

Just yesterday in the evening I've realized that unfortunately all new signups for the last two weeks really got spammed with a link to our "Getting Started" page. When I've created the getting started page I added a feature which adds one bookmark to the wall of every new user. The problem was that it didn't place only one link to the page. The first signup since then got 1 link, the second 2, ..., you can imagine how this went on.

It's a pity that I haven't got any feedback about this problem but I really hope that I've fixed it now.

By the way: Little status update about a new Spaaze feature: ~90% of the work for a file attachment item is done, which is the prerequisite for an image item. I'm still considering wether I release file and image items at once, or just release file items when it's done so that I can test the infrastructure with that until the image item is finished. Any feedback is welcome :)