Release 1.8: Image item

Last week there were multiple releases, with release 1.8 just being released right now. Since the file item was released a lot of smaller things were changed, as well as a lot of work in the backend. Here is a list of things that got added in the meantime:

  • Bookmarklet compatibility for pages with frames
  • Enhanced bookmarks (showing favicons and tooltips)
  • Server communication indictor (showing when there is a problem saving the current status)
  • ESC keyboard shortcut for all dialogs to cancel/close them
  • Right click menu for the wall with alignment options
  • Image item

Regarding the image item: It's based on the file item, but features a different presentation. The image is showed directly on the board and you can choose wether to show a label, or a border or any combination of that. Since I'm short of time right now this has to be enough description, maybe I'll find more time to even do a short video introducing this feature.

Having this said, have fun with the new features! Feedback appreciated!


Finally !

Finally, we can post images! Very well done!

You can even use images with 8-bit transparency! Now I can start using the app for what I wanted. Like deepfriedsushi, the rest is just the icing.

This is what I will be anticipating next :

- Ability to change the background image
- Different image borders

Can't think of anything else at the moment, but given the nature of this applications, the possibilities are limitless ! I'll be sure to let Stefan know if I think of something.


I love it, it just keeps getting better. Thank you!

Nice update! Images does it for me

The image feature is the killer feature for this app. I can already start to use it for what I need. Everything else is just icing on the cake. A future paying customer here for sure.

I think the prepaid credit system is well done also.

Well done!

I must admit I'm impressed..

I must admit I'm impressed.. Great service!