Release 1.9: Overview

Spaaze provides an infinite board. Of course there are mechanisms necessary to keep the overview where your stuff is. Initially I've added hotspots and the arrows at the edges for that. But many people asked for a zoom, and I always had to answer, that's technically not possible and based on a very early design decision. But when asking for why people wanted to zoom, it always turned out that they just wanted the overview.

So I'm happy to announce that I've just released the overview feature. It shows a schematic of the items, item groups and item groups at hotspots at a zoom factor of 10%. You can click anywhere in the overview to directly get there, and like all the other dialogs you can close it by pressing the ESC key. To open the overview simply click the new button (with the 9 squares) in the menu bar, right next to the center button.

I initially had even more ideas for the overview (which I won't spoil here), but I thought I'll release it like this, and see what the users would like to add, and if it matches
my ideas.

Well then: Bring the feedback on!


Feedback for Overview Display

Hi Stefan,

Nice one! A good feature for managing over Spaaze board and a nice execution. An immediately usable feature as per current implementation. Thanks!

My feedback would be to perhaps make the pinup board area canvas to be slightly smaller so user can see that if they move the rectangle inside, it would also move the space behind correspondingly.

Also, with style, I thought that the pinup board area could be make transparent black to indicate that this is a system dialog box. So, all the elements could be made shades of black and the text white...perhaps.

An additional thought I had. Wouldn't it be a good visual cue to illustrate the infinite nature (that this function is a window into Spaaze rather than the entire Spaaze) of the pinup board as per the actual Spaaze board. How to indicate this I'm not too sure. Maybe faded gradient to the sides of the rectangle? (However, I think this wouldn't look that great) Small arrows?

Keep up the good work!

@Smaller: Maybe, I developed

@Smaller: Maybe, I developed the feature on a 13" screen and have a pretty huge spaaze. So it's always a balancing between overview and seeing what's behind

@Look: Before deciding on the white grid look I did photoshop mockups of a transparent and non transparent black and white look. I just had the feeling that the elements didn't really look good on black. I don't think I have the photoshop mockups still lying around, but maybe I'll find them.

@Infinity: That's the key problem of creating an overview of an infinite space. I'm against gradients (technically). Arrows, I don't know. The overview itself only comes into play when you already have stuff on your board and therefore understood the concept. I don't know if anything has to be changed there.

Overview display

Hey, Stefan.

Here is a mixed review of the Overview function.

It LOOKS really nice, and the click/drag navigation is easy enough.

BUT there seems to be spurious text labels that don't correspond to actual hotspots. I have two such text items in my overview, both are "Books", but neither corresponds to my "Books" hotspot and label. If you need a screenshot, let me know.

- Jeff

Yes, please send me a

Yes, please send me a screenshot to

The problem could be the following: Hotspots are only points on your board, not areas. I try to create areas for the hotspot by defining the current window width/height as the area of the hotspot. What Spaaze does, is to create item groups based on items near to each other (currently within a radius of 125px I believe). It than tries to match the area of the groups with the areas of the hotspots. Like this an area could include more than one hotspot, and more than one item group could fall into the area of a hotspot.

The little indicator arrows at the edges are based on the same mechanism. So maybe the solution would be to have more space between your item groups. The other possibility I have would be not to try to show item groups, but let the item groups be item groups and show the hotspot points within the overview with a little start icon + name (like the center icon).