Release 1.10: Backgrounds

Yesterday I finally managed to release the new version 1.10 of Spaaze after screwing it up an Tuesday. But due to the new office of my company and all the moving activities I just couldn't fix this earlier. So what's new in release 1.10? Basically it implements three requests from GetSatisfaction:

So what's coming next? I'll add vimeo support, think about an HTML embed item, and there's some preparation work to do for search. But another thing on my list is export. Export is always very important for cloud web apps, since users should never fear that their data could go away without any possibility to get it out of the cloud. But when I started to think about export, I'm not quite sure what format to use. Maybe a text document (RTF?) with all notes as paragraphs, and the rest as links. And how much should the spatial arrangement of the items be taken into account. Exporting it as image (JPG or PDF) is worthless too, because what's the sense behind youtube video or bookmarks in images.

So if anybody has an idea about that feel free to post it as a comment here, or drop me a line to


Spaaze is now a Jolicloud "application"!

A dubious honour IMHO, since I don't think much of Jolicloud as an OS, but it is indicative of the growing awareness of Spaaze among the online Cognoscenti :-)

- Jeff