Release 1.13: Notes reloaded

I've just deployed Spaaze 1.13 which comes with two nice new things. But before diving into the details, here is what happened at 1.11 and 1.12, because there were no blog entries. 1.11 was simply bug fixing and optimization, but also an internal change that makes it easier to roll out bigger changes. The effect was that some may had a "connection error" warning until they reloaded because the server part had changed. The new mechanism added targets exactly this problem. 1.12 was another internal preparation release introducing full text indexing to the database. For now only some administrative data is indexed, but I'm experimenting with it, so that a full text search over all items on the board should be possible soon. Now for the changes in 1.13.

The following image describes it best:

Two new backgrounds have been added (denim and striped with freely selectable color), and a lot of new features have been added to the note. When editing the note a new inspector will pop up. Within the inspector you can choose a new style for the note (sticky), enable wiki syntax (e.g. transforming * to real lists), change the font and encrypt your note. Note encryption was a request from our GetSatisfaction community.

When enabling the encryption by entering a password the server will never receive the clear text content of your note. Only an encrypted version, using the AES algorithm, gets stored. This means that your browser actually does the en- and decryption, so whenever you open Spaaze and want to read an encrypted note, you have to enter your password first. But it also means that when you should ever forget the password there is nothing I can do about it.

So much for the enhanced note feature. Feedback as always appreciated.



I just wanted to say that I really like this noticeboard style of accessing the web. I use it like a mind map to organise all my links and docs which suits me - thanks.

A search feature will be useful as I add more stuff and it becomes more complicated. I also thought that being able to colour code the name tags would be good. I could code all my local stuff green whether it's in the Sport section or the work section - it would make pretty patterns too !

And with name tags you mean

And with name tags you mean what? Labels? I generally plan to introduce the inspector, especially the font tab of it, for labels as well. But I had to start somewhere and the note was just predestinated for that because of the encryption thing.