Release 1.14: External images, Note links and Vimeo

On Monday I released the enhanced note, and I have to admit I forgot something. I had planned to support clickable links within notes as well, but simply forgot it until Jeff from our GetSatisfaction community reminded me.

So this release adds the missing clickable links within notes (+ wiki syntax to create clickable links like this: [ Spaze]), and some other stuff I've decided to throw in. Overall the new features are:

  • External images
  • Note links
  • Vimeo support
  • Forgot password feature

Fist off, now it's also possible to use external images within Spaaze by providing the URL to an image instead of uploading one. This was requested somewhere as well, but I forgot where (GS? Blog? Mail?).

Also the YouTube item now is the YouTube/Vimeo item. When using the bookmarklet on Vimeo pages you'll notice that you get the special video tab like with YouTube videos. When creating a YouTube/Vimeo item manually within Spaaze simply paste a YouTube or Vimeo URL and it will works. There is no special new Vimeo item, they are the same.

The last thing is the new "Forgot password" feature. It only happened twice by now, but sometimes users forget their passwords. Of course this does not affect OpenId accounts, but Spaaze account users might be able to reset their password now. I say might, because it really depends on wether you supplied a valid e-mail address on sign up or not. You may haven't even noticed it, but because I wanted to make the sign up as easy as possible it's not mandatory to provide an e-mail address and any provided e-mail address is never checked. So Spaaze users who forgot their password now have a chance to recover their account.

Also there have been some changes in item pricing. The bookmark only costs 3 points now, the image and file base costs have been increased. Don't worry, I'm just experimenting.

Feedback as always appreciated.


Embedded Links, Wiki Markup

Stefan, the ability to put a link in a note is a great addition, but shouldn't we be able to hide the URL, replacing it with a human-readable name?

For example, in the Tiddlywiki syntax:
[[Google Docs|]] will display as just this clickable text:
Google Docs

The "|" pipe symbol is used to delineate the display text from the URL.

Why couldn't Spaaze work like that?

And is the rest of the Wiki markup syntax for Spaaze documented somewhere? Bullets, bold, underline, list, etc?

- Jeff

The wiki syntax Spaaze uses

The wiki syntax Spaaze uses is explained when clicking the "?" besides the checkbox to activate the wiki syntax. It's the MediaWiki (Wikipedia, therefore probably most common) syntax. Therefore nearly all of what you've mentioned already works. Bullets are created using *, italic and bold using '' and '''. Link with human readable names with [URL Name] (just with a space between it, no pipe needed).