Release 1.16: Export and HTML snippets

After a smaller release I haven't blogged about now version 1.16 has been deployed. The most prominent features are an export and a new item: HTML snippet.

One of the main fears when using web services usually is data safety. Not only necessarily wether the service really does database backups or the password maybe gets stored in cleartext and so forth, but what happens when the service shuts down, or what if I don't want to use this service any longer. Is there a way to get my data out of the service? As of today there is a way for Spaaze.

A Spaaze board can contain bookmarks, notes, labels, youtube videos, images, files and now also HTML snippets (see below), so one of the key questions was in which format to export a board. It hat to be format which can handle more than pure textual information. In the end I decided to export HTML. Only HTML allows to export HTML snippets, and youtube videos so that they still work. To support files and images a ZIP archive including the image and the HTML will be exported if necessary. Encrypted notes don't get exported though, simply because not even I have the unencrypted version on the server. Let me know what you think about this solution.

The new HTML snippet item now allows to add virtually anything on your board. I was doubtful wether or not it's a good idea to add this item, because ultimately it's also possible to break your Spaaze by adding certain code in these snippets. In the end I decided to add it, because it allows to even more use Spaaze like an online desktop. For example it's possible to add Google Gadgets, or Facebook widgets, or a twitter search to your Spaaze. Cool huh?

As always - Please let me know what you think about these new features.