Release 1.17: Search

Now it's finally here! After a tremendous amount of work I put into this during the past week I finally was able to deploy the search feature for Spaaze.

The search will help you find certain items on your board even easier. Just fire it up by clicking the icon in the menubar or pressing Ctrl-F or Cmd-F (for Windows and Mac respectively - although it currently seems that on Chrome for Mac currently only Ctrl-F works), enter a search term, and choose a result. It's fully keyboard compatible, so it feels a lot like Spotlight for Mac OS X (which was the intention).

Currently all textual data gets indexed including bookmark titles and URLs, notes, labels and so on. For files and images currently only the file name is indexed. Encrypted notes and HTML snippet items don't get indexed. The search tries to find near matches as well (to bypass typos, ...) but not only parts of words. To search for only a fragment of a word add an asterisk. Example: spa*

I'll closely monitor the infrastructure on how the new feature performs, while I would be happy to get some feedback regarding how it works out for you.


search feature

Well done! Works fine so far. Makes it much easier to find my bookmarks :)


Another great feature - thanks.