Release 1.18: Multiple boards

Now, after working for more than one week on this one new feature I can finally release it: Multiple boards. And it's a huge step (technically and organizational) towards various sharing and collaboration features.

Multiple boards menu

This update allows every user to have more than one board, and therefore organize snippets of information even better. As you'll see the top menu bar has become a little bit wider and a board name ("Default board" by default) is placed in the center of the menu bar. By clicking on the board name you open the board menu. From within this menu you can create boards, jump to other boards you've created and access the board settings (background, board name, delete board). Also the export features has been moved into the board menu.

The old settings menu also has changed a little bit. Of course it doesn't contain the board background any longer, but you can select what board to open by default when opening You can choose wether to always open the same board, or to open the last open board.

Also the bookmarklet and the dropzone have been updated. In the bookmarklet you can now choose on which board your new stuff will be put. And the new icon in the dropzone (which appears at the bottom of the screen when moving an item) a new option to copy or move the item between boards was added.

As mentioned in the beginning this update is a huge step towards various sharing and collaboration features. The next thing that will be implemented is the possibility to make specific boards publicly accessible. As you'll see as well when opening the updated Spaaze new URLs are used now, like So the next step will be that if you want to, you can make such an URL publicly accessible so that everybody can see the board (but not edit - in the first version of this feature). And after that I'll start thinking about real collaboration. But the course is set, and Spaaze is moving towards more collaboration very fast.


Cool app! Really in the need of a collaborative side.

I must admit your app kept me astonished!. What a good idea form the beginning!.
But... after 10 minutes of paying around, I immediatly cross inte the fact that (yet) spaaze is not collaborative.

I read this post and I figure out that you´re tweaking the thing from here to there, trying to find functions or drawbacks/bugs in it.

I´ll get an account. Count on me for feedback and usability testing. I really think it has a very good basis (the concept behind the whole thing), but as in any 2.0 app , the consecuences of developing it on a daily basis can reach places that one never could ever imagine! (look at Mark Zuckerberg guy).
Cheers! and congrats too... it´s an innovative idea there, indeed.
Mauro. Argentina.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes,

Thanks for the feedback!
Yes, as mentioned in the blog post I'm working on collaboration features. The thing simply is that I've started with a very simple single-user app, which I was able to prototype within weeks. Form there on I started adding features. It then very fast made sense that Spaaze needed some way to collaborate with others, but for that I needed to add the multi-board stuff first.

Since then I haven't posted anything on this blog because I was busy with another thing. I made Spaaze iPad compatible! It was a silent release because I'm still testing it, but after some testing I'll of course blog about it. Now that the iPad support is done I definitely will continue to move Spaaze towards collaboration.


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