iPad and pricing

For nearly three weeks now Spaaze as it is accessible for everybody at spaaze.com already works on the iPad. But before publishing this post and the video below I took it on a test run myself. But lets start with the video:

The iPad is made for the web, and most web-pages work really well, but web-apps like Spaaze don't. Mostly that's due to event-handling, because all mouse events have to be replaced by touch events, but also layout and usability issues have to be taken into account. When you decide to make an app like Spaaze work on a device like the iPad and don't want to do a real app you have basically two choices: Just make the existing work or completely adapt it both technically and visually.

For Spaaze on the iPad I've decided to do a mixture of both. While the board itself just has been adapted to work on the iPad, most of the UI around it have been trimmed to the typical iPad look and feel. And overall: Spaaze on the iPad rocks!

So after some time of testing it myself, I can fully recommend everybody to try it by yourself - I don't want to miss it anymore. But there are also some negative things. Safari on the iPad seems to be very buggy at the moment, at least for application like Spaaze. When moving items on large boards it can get a little bit slow, and especially when dealing with video like Youtube and Vimeo Safari even crashes from time to time. Also I wasn't able to do everything the way I would have liked to, but I really hope for iOS4 for the iPad, and a better and faster Safari. Fingers crossed...

So if you own an iPad, just go to spaaze.com and give it a try. After quite some work I've put into this I'd really love some feedback.

The other big news is the changed pricing sheme. A lot of stuff that would have cost SpaazePoints before are now free. After all it seems that people won't even give Spaaze a try if there is nothing for free. For the remaining not-free stuff the system remains the same. A prepaid system for casual users, and optional subscriptions for power users.

Of course this all is only a draft for now, since we are still in beta and don't charge for anything yet. But I've added a new pricing overview page which hopefully explains what I've planned.

There were some really good comments on the "pricing explained" blog post, and I hope to get comparable feedback for the new pricing schema as well.

That's all for today, but I promise there will be news soon: The next update will introduce the possibility to publish boards.