Release 1.20: Item sharing

Release 1.20 is out. A small release with some work done under the hood, but also two new features for the users. The two new features are item sharing and link-opening directly from the search.

  • Item sharing: When moving items around the board there always appears a dropzone at the bottom of the screen which provides actions for the items. This traditionally was deleting items and moving items to hotspots, and got recently extended with a move/copy to board action. Now a fourth action is available if you are moving around a single link or youtube video. You can now share you bookmarks or videos on Twitter or Facebook by simply dropping the item on the share action.
  • Enhanced search: Inspired by a colleague of mine it's not possible to directly open the preview window of a bookmark from within the search. So when searching for a bookmark on your board using our Spotlight like search, you can now choose to either scroll to the result by pressing Return, or open the link using Shift-Return.

The next things on my todo list will be wall sharing. After adding the possibility to add multiple walls was the preparation for some sharing/collaboration features, this will be the first sharing feature. It will allow you to publish a board of you as a read-only view with the public. Also a comments feature is planned.

P.S.: If you wonder what happened to release 1.19 and have an iPad, I'd suggest visiting from your iPad!