Current developments

In my last update on this blog regarding the iPad version of Spaaze I mentioned that publishing boards will come soon. In different blog entries I also mentioned that making Spaaze collaborative is a step by step process, from it's beginnings without any collaboration to having multiple boards, being able to publish them and finally have collaboration.

The last update is already 6 weeks old so I thought I might provide a short status update. Publishing boards is already finished. But once I had it and thought about the technical implementation of access authorization (for both, published and collaborative boards) I decided to not release it as a self-contained update, but to do both at once.

Showing a board is simple, but than I thought that also anonymous public board visitors could get live updates on edits, so I started to work on the collaboration protocol. Once that was done I thought that it's not that much difference between an anonymous public board visitor watching live collaboration and an invited user participating in it. In the end I was working on full fletched collaboration.

The good news? I'll probably be able to release it next week :)
So stay tuned!



You know, I like what I see here!

Collaboration is a fantastic addition.

However, there are a few things I'd like to see... I didn't see a way to search suggestions or the blog, so I'll say it here.

The "killer app", for me, would be a basic addition to the overall functionality... FOLDERS!

I think I submitted this already but just want to say how incredibly useful it would be, for example, to hang virtual folders up (oh, especially if there was some choice for what they looked like!) and store additional stuff inside.

I know that goes against some of the philosophy of a big corkboard, but hey... I do something similar to that in my office now, and it just works.

Yes, I think an idea like

Yes, I think an idea like this was already submitted on GetSatisfaction.
Actually I also had the idea of folders in the very beginning. Something like additional space behind a folder, like another board inside a folder. When introducing multiple boards I then thought that I could simply create folders that in reality are just views of other boards the user has. But in the end some people I asked said that it doesn't fit into the concept, and they would rather prefer a form of item stacking. I will think about this, but I don't know yet how/what I will do in this regard.

Nevertheless, the idea of putting an additional board into something like a folder actually can be done without any additions using the bookmark item! Simply create an additional board, copy the URL (something like Then go to the board where you want the folder, create a bookmark item and insert the board URL there. With the preview function (magnifying glass icon) you can open the other board in your current board. Voila - something like a folder :)

Good to hear! I eagerly await

Good to hear! I eagerly await the development of Spaaze but in your own time as you seem to be committed to getting things right the first time and releasing quality updates, which I really like and respect.