OpenID incident

Some code changes with the release of the collaboration features two days ago caused an error with OpenID logins (also Google and Yahoo logins). The error caused OpenID logins to create a new board, instead of opening the existing board, without a way to reach your old boards. This has been fixed now, but all users who were affected by this still won't be able to reach their old boards. The old data IS NOT LOST though! So if you are experiencing the described phenomenon, please contact me, so that I can restore access to your board. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this might has caused.


Same problem with my Google ID - FIXED!

I had the same problem and it has been fixed by Stefan. The fix was VERY quickly applied. I no longer have any problems logging in to my board.


I got this problem with my

I got this problem with my account signed up via Google Id .It has been solved by Stefan Schuster when I contact the support team .

Thanks to Stefan