Release 1.22: Collaboration

As announced last week: Collaboration has landed. For now it's a rough first version with some convenience features missing, but finally it's possible to work on the same board without having to share one account. Besides collaboration also board publishing is available now. With board publishing you can make a read only view of your board publicly accessible.

Both features can be accessed from the new collaboration and publishing dialog that can be found in the board dropdown menu.

A collaboration allows two or more users to edit the same board with their own accounts. Therefor the owner of the board has to invite/allow other users to join the collaboration. This is done by sending an invitation email to the designated collaborators. The mail contains a link to the board including the invitation code, which adds the board to the collaborators Spaaze account. So yes, the collaborator needs a Spaaze account, because like this I bind the edit privilegues of the invitation to a user.

Right now the collaboration feature is a first rough cut. You can't see if there is another collaborator online right now, you can't cancel invitations, you can't look up the invitation code (if the invitation mail ends up in the spam folder), and a collaborator can't quit the collaboration (the owner of the board has to kick him out). But all this will be added over time.

Publishing the board works by simply selecting the checkbox and pressing "Save". The URL of the published board is simply the same you see, when having the board open (something like You can send this URL to anybody you want to show your board, or post it in your blog and so on, and anybody accessing this URL who is not logged in, or not the owner of the board, will see a read-only view of the board. The published board is getting updated live, so visitors might be able to watch you while adding new content. Also visitors can actually grab content and copy it over to their board (if logged in) or share it (Twitter and Facebook sharing of links and videos), but of course not add, edit or delete any of your content.

As stated above some features are still missing, and I'm sure that some bugs will show up eventually, so of course this new features will be improved over time. But I'm also eager to finally hear your feedback on this vital new features.


Good improvement!

It´s been a while since I´ve used Spaaze. I dropped by, and see what is - IMHO - a great enhancing function in Spaaze. Collaboration.

Cheers for the progressive improvement of the platform. I bet this will be a great collab tool, the olny thing now is to imagine useful ways this "ideaboard" can work in a collaborative way.

Congrats again! And good work!



Are you planning a group type collaborative tool. I am trying to see how I can make this work for my classroom as well as our department webpages.

What you probably mean is

What you probably mean is being able to manage users in groups, because collaborating with multiple people (=groups) is already possible. This partly has been discussed here: