Release 1.24: Colored notes

I just realized that it's two months ago since I launched the collaboration features. There has been a lot of work going on in the background since then, but it's obviously time for a new public update.

Of course the most visible new feature are the new note colors that you can assign. Simply choose the "sticky" note style (in the note inspector that appears when editing a note) and choose a color. In this regard also the note style and the note font have become free features (no SpaazePoints necessary), and only note encryption and Wiki style require the extended note update.

If you look closely you'll also see an indicator of the polished collaboration and publishing features I (quietly) release last week. As mentioned when rolling out these features, I promised to improve and polish this functionality. The first layer of polish has been applied and it's now possible to leave a collaboration, to see who of the collaborators is online right now, and to cancel sent out invitations, besides some general user interface improvements.

I've also tried to increase the performance and to remove some bugs on IE and on the iPad (iOS 4.2 released yesterday is highly recommended). And from a technical point of view I've updated from Dojo 1.4 to Dojo 1.5 (although with no visible benefit for the user).

Besides all this we are already planning some major new features regarding publishing, which will enable us to push the awareness level for Spaaze using a new marketing concept, including a new home page and screencasts and all kinds of stuff. Stay tuned!