Release 1.25: Enhanced Publishing

One week passed and as suggested in the previous blog post I was working on new amazing stuff. Namely: Enhanced publishing. Every account can now set up a sub-domain and assign nice names for published boards. Like this an URL for a published board like becomes something like

Pretty URLs for Spaaze

This means, that Spaaze as a tool is now a serious option for lots of use cases. From building and publishing simple home-pages, to collages, collections, time-tables, project plans, todo lists, ...
Consider the "simple homepage" use case. Spaaze may not be the tool of choice for every kind of home page and it's results, by no standard, match any traditional home pages, but with Spaaze it's really drag and drop. It has never been easier to simply place text, pictures, videos, files and so on a canvas, layout it the way you like and publish it.

In this context two additional features should be mentioned. Visitors of such published boards now see a Facebook "Like" button on the bottom left of the board. This means that it's also easier then ever before to advertise your content to friends. When liking a board it will appear as "Stefan likes 'Cool Media' on Spaaze" (in the case of my public board) on Facebook. Simple, elegant, but nevertheless valuable to make your content visible on Facebook.

The second new feature is Hotspot-Linking. Especially when publishing content, you may want to provide a rudimentary navigation for your content - meaning to provide links to certain areas on the board. With hotspot links that's possible now. Simply switch from "URL" to "Hotspot" in the bookmark item and enter the name of the hotspot you want to link to. Also extended notes (with wiki syntax enabled) can link to hotspots using the [[Hotspot name]] syntax.

Hotspot linking

I think that these features really make Spaaze an interesting platform for gathering, organizing and publishing content. And this is exactly what the new message will be on the new homepage. As laid out in the last blog post I plan to rework the home page of Spaaze (mainly for marketing reasons). While this hasn't happened yet, the new features lead the way. The message that first-time visitors should get when discovering Spaaze is, that it's a really interesting platform to publish content. While this will be the main message, all the other possibilties will of course also be mentioned on the homepage.

What do you think about this? Let me know!