It has been some time since the last release I've posted about, and I wanted to provide you with an update about what's planned for Spaaze in the next months.

While not communicated fully transparent it's no secret that it's basically only me who's actually doing development work on Spaaze. Backed up by my company (Irian Solutions) of course, but completely driven by me. One could say that Spaaze is my pet project within my company, which I can work on whenever I'm not assigned to other projects in my company. But exactly this is the case for the next time. Starting next week I'll be on vacation for 3 weeks, and after that I'll be assigned to a project for another 2 months. During this time Spaaze probably won't get any new features. But of course I'll fix any new bugs, do support and keep everything running.

Spaaze is running pretty stable at the moment, so this "freeze" for the coming three months probably won't be a problem. It may be even exactly the right thing to do now, so that more people have the chance to get to know Spaaze before moving on.

Starting in (probably) June, action will start again though. Some polishing will be done which showed itself to be necessary during the last weeks, some new features implemented (more on that maybe later after my vacation), and the official launch. I'm quite happy with the features of Spaaze at the moment, so I plan to move it out of Beta this summer. As mentioned in a previous post part of this will be a redesigned home page to make it more attractive to new users (the message what Spaaze is and can be used for really isn't communicated very well at the moment). Of course development won't stop after that, it's just about time to remove the beta tag after this quite long period, since Spaaze is really running charmingly well.


.... for roadmap


From my daughter: "Il manque juste un truc sur SPAAZE c'est l'info que quelqu'un a rajouté quelque chose..."

For people working on the same board: to know when somebody has added something...

Merci encore.


Both, a chat and better

Both, a chat and better mechanisms for collaboration (in your request to be informed about changes) are planned. Just, as the roadmap post points out, give me some time :)

suggestion for road map

I hope i am not repeating a thing already planned.

Possibility to chat with, and only with, people who are working on the same board...

Spaaze is a great work!

Merci pour votre travail...