Release 1.28: Welcome Back

I was able to keep my promise from the last blog post: It's June and I'm back working on Spaaze. Yesterday I deployed release 1.29. The main difference users could notice is Dojo 1.6. Dojo is one of the underlying JavaScript libraries, and I've updated it to the most current version. One of the main motivations for that was IE9.

Spaaze basically worked in IE9 (besides some unwanted page reloads or menus not working) before, but it's only fully functional using the compatibility mode (broken page icon in the right of the address bar). I have to admit, that this is still the case: You still have to use the compatibility mode be able to fully use Spaaze in IE9.
The reason behind this is that only Dojo 1.6.1 is fully IE9 compatible, but the Content Delivery Network Spaaze uses for Dojo still serves Dojo 1.6.0. So Spaaze is ready, it's only a matter of time until Dojo 1.6.1 gets rolled out and Spaaze becomes automatically fully compatible.

All other things in this realease have basically been bugfixes and improvements. I tried to address every error that showed up in the logs during this time. And after yesterdays update, today I fully concentrated on the infrastructure. Updated database and so forth...

So overall: I'm back in the game, no problems spotted: Full speed ahead!