Release 1.29: Layers, Notes and Pricing

I'm happy to announce a really nice new feature release. It's finally possible to reliably stack items on each other, the note item has been massively enhanced, a new background and general usability enhancements. Also the SpaazePoints pricing system is slowly finalizing.

1.) Item stacking: I should have known it, but just haven't thought about this in the very beginning. Users want to be able to stack items on top of each other, for example an image on a note. Until now it was a little bit of a gamble, because which item was shown on top of each other was not really specified. So basically it partially was depending on wether the items came into view from the left or the right, and therefore which item was visible first.

Not any more! Now all new items have a specific layer, and it's possible to specifically raise the layer of an item using the new right click action.

2.) Note item: First of all, every note feature is now for free (for more details see the pricing update below). No more extending notes to use text formatting. Also a new style (index card) has been added. I also tried to remove the difference between edit mode and view mode. So there are no longer "Cancel" and "Save" buttons on the bottom during editing. Just click on the text, edit it, and click somewhere else. The text is saved automatically. "Cancel" and "Save" are still there, but only as action items on the top right while editing. Hopefully this increases the usability of this item.

Also it's finally possible to easily style multiple notes the same way with note templates. In the note inspector you'll find a new tab (star icon) for the templates. There you can simply create a new template from the current note styling, or apply an existing template to the note.

3.) Smaller enhancements: There is a new wall background, the chalk board. Bookmarks usually always opened in a new window or tab, now you can configure to open it in the same window (this allows to easily create links to other boards). The delete icon now should be less confusing because it sometimes looked like a close icon. Collaboration invitations can now be looked up (the invitation URL can be looked up), so that whenever the e-mail doesn't arrive, the link can be looked up and sent directly.

4.) Pricing: It's still planned to end the Beta in fall, so I really have to finalize the pricing in the next weeks. When looking at how Spaaze is used it showed, that while the SpaazePoint micro-payment system would allow for much smaller billing granularity, it's not really working for every little functionality. It's not only about psychology (people dislike a counter going down for every little action they take), but also about the usability. When people are afraid to accidentally change the wall background because it decreases there point counter, or don't use text formatting for notes because they maybe don't even know that this is only possible in extended notes, they just don't use it. So all this things are now for free as well. What still costs SpaazePoints is creating boards (with the free 1000 points on sign up you could create 10 additional board), and uploading files (storage and traffic really cost us money).

I hope the updated pricing, as well as the polishing and new features benefit us all, and I'm happy for every feedback I get.


A note on images

Stefan, it would be very useful that you could add a feature to the images (and I don't think it would be so hard!): An extra field to put a link below the label of the images. That way, Spaaze becomes a powerful visual bookmarking site!! Congratulations by this effort!

Adding links to images is

Adding links to images is already part of my todo list, so it will come eventually.