New design now also for blog

As mentioned in the last post about the new homepage (over two months ago), I had planned to apply the new design on the blog as well. As you are reading this you probably have already noticed that this has finally happened now! It probably still needs some tweaking, but overall I'm quite happy with the result. The homepage and the blog (although two different systems) now integrate much better in each other (although not perfectly).

So how could it happen that the design implementation which was announced to be a matter of days took over two months? Well, currently I'm working on very interesting new projects for my company and therefore the focus shifted a little bit away from Spaaze. I'm happy with the feature set Spaaze currently offers, so I don't see this as an immediate problem. But as a consequence of this, also the implementation of the payment mechanisms (end therefore end of beta) which were planned for this autumn will be postponed to some later point in time. What this means? Spaaze completely free for a little bit longer :)