Maintenance Downtime on Sat. 3/3/12 2 pm UTC

Spaaze will experience a maintenance downtime on Sat. 3/3/12 starting at 2 pm UTC. We'll plan to completely reinstall our application server (switching to a newer operating system) and therefore will be down for approximately 1h. I'll update this article when I have more information and post the actual maintenance start and end on Twitter when they happen. Unfortunately I fear that when using Spaaze while the server goes down no appropriate message will pop up, therefore I'll try to put up an info message within the app during the next week.

Update 1: The start of the maintenance has been set to 2 pm UTC.
Update 2 (2:20pm): Backup is just finishing. Starting downtime...
Update 3 (3:40pm): My decision to back up the caches as well probably was a stupid idea. Downtime will be longer then anticipated. Actual installation hasn't started yet. Sorry
Update 4 (4:30pm): After some unsuccessful tries to re-initialize the server with the new operating system image we delayed the server upgrade. The downtime is over. Everything works, but the actual maintenance wasn't executed. This means there might has to be another downtime. Or we come up with a different solution. I'll keep posting updates on that.