End of Beta

We've finally reached the end of the tunnel. Until now Spaaze was more or less still in Beta mode, meaning that everything was still for free while we gathered experience running this service. Now we are happy to announce that we ended the Beta phase. Spaaze grew up and became an adult.

During the Beta we changed our pricing model multiple times. From charging a small amount of Spaaze points for every item, then only for certain items, and various price points for the SpaazePoints itself we believe that in the end we found a pretty fair Freemium (as in Free and Premium) model.

As it's now, items don't use up Spaaze points. Only creating additional boards, uploading files and certain advanced features (like adding a custom favicon to published boards) decrease your SpaazePoints. Also every new user receives 99 SpaazePoints for free. In the end this means that every free user can have 2 boards, create infinite items on these boards and upload a handful of files. Since every board is infinite in size this offers a lot of space for collecting ideas, archiving and categorizing resources and collaborating on new projects. Only if you need more boards - and I'd consider everybody who needs more boards a power user - you'll have to top up your SpaazePoints. And with a pricing of €1,49 for 100 SpaazePoints I think we found a very fair price for power users to pay.

To thank all users who used Spaaze during the Beta we topped up the balance of all users to 200 points for free.

With the end of the free points we also introduced subscriptions. A subscription basically is a time based points flat rate. While you have an active subscription all actions that usually require points are for free. We've even removed all the reference to SpaazePoints from the interface, so while using a subscription you won't be bothered with the concept of SpaazePoints at all. Subscriptions are therefore perfect for everybody who really wants to support Spaaze, is annoyed by the points concept or just really needs a lot of points (too much to be bothered with buying point packages) or any combination of this reasons. Our subscriptions don't extend themselves, so they are no money pit, and when they end you just continue to use your SpaazePoints you already had before your subscription.

Finally, to celebrate this major event in Spaaze history we had our little mascot perform a dance for us. Have fun!