The all new Mind42

It has been a little bit quiet around here for the last months, and I wanted to let you know what we are up to at the moment. As you may know, the company behind Spaaze (IRIAN Solutions) also provides other web services. A mind mapping service (Mind42) which was our start into web services, and a chat service ( So after about five years of running Mind42 with a more or less unchanged design, we were working on a completely new Mind42 experience.

And now it's done. Mind42 2.0 went online about a month ago, and most of the inevitable problems of launching a completely new technology have been addressed during the last weeks. Everything runs smoothly, and we are really proud about the new experience. So maybe you want to check it out at

In the next few weeks until the new year starts, we will continue to focus on Mind42 - there is still a lot to do there. Basically our IRIAN web services are one man shows. Most of the work (development, support, maintenance, ...) is done by me, and occasionally one, two guys are helping out with design and infrastructure. So we beg your pardon about the silence around Spaaze here. When we concentrate on one project, the other ones inevitable get less of our attention. But we definitely haven't forgotten Spaaze, and new stuff will come. It's only a matter of time.

Thanks for your understanding,