Release 1.33: iPad Bugfixes

The last two days we did some maintenance work on Spaaze. That included infrastructure maintenance but mainly it's bugfixes that I experienced when using the iPad version. It's now possible again to install the bookmarklet on the iPad, and all the editing dialogs now behave much better. Especially when editing note items, there was a problem that made it impossible to scroll the note editor (besides a little trick of using the text selection mode to scroll). This is fixed now, and also all other inputs should react more quickly now. Another fixed thing regards using the bookmarklet on Youtube. Sometimes the bookmarklet did not detect that it was opened on a Youtube page, and only offered the Bookmark item to be added to Spaaze, but not the video item. This is now fixed as well.

I also want to use the chance to give a little state of the union update. As some might have noticed updates came a little bit slow during the last months. The simple reason is that currently all our energy is going into the new Mind42 (as previously mentioned in this blog), and we simply don't have enough manpower to actively create new features for both projects at the same time. Before the new Mind42 started it was exactly the other way round: Mind42 only received bugfixes and maintenance for nearly two years while all our energy was put into Spaaze. We have a really long list of ideas and features we'd like to see in Spaaze, as we have for Mind42. Right now there are some exciting things for Mind42 in the pipeline, so realistically we'll stick to it for the next few months as well. Thanks for your understanding.