Infrastructure move: Downtime on Nov. 7th

Attention: Spaaze will be unavailable for some hours starting on Nov. 7th at 1 pm UTC.

Due to a server move we'll take down Spaaze on its current servers on the upcoming Thursday, and it could take some time (for the domain to update and point to the new servers) before it's reachable at its new home.

IRIAN, the company behind Spaaze, is currently consolidating its server infrastructure. Part of this will be the move of Spaaze from it's own separated server setup (based in the Rackspace Cloud in US Texas) to the rest of the IRIAN infrastructure (based at Hetzner in Germany). Like this we can integrate the Spaaze services into the existing and sophisticated monitoring solution we have in Germany, enabling us to detect and react much faster to problems. Also Spaaze will be able to use our highly available clustered database we are already running within the IRIAN infrastructure. So overall this change will increase the overall service quality, but at the cost of a small downtime. We definitely think it will be worth the wait. So thanks for your understanding.