State of the union

It's some time ago that there was any news regarding Spaaze. So I think it's about time to clarify the status and future of Spaaze and to summarize the state of the union.

In short: Spaaze will continue to be available online. There are no further updates planned in the foreseeable future. Spaaze will continue to receive security and bugfix updates as necessary.

Spaaze started as an experiment back in 2010. I wanted to create some kind of generic online canvas where I could link together all the different resources I use online. Bookmarks, links to other services, and so on. And for me it works, and I'm still using it myself on a regular basis. It never was a broad success though, and my focus shifted back to Mind42, which simply is the "bigger niche".

In the meantime other things changed as well. I created Spaaze as a "hobby" project within my job at IRIAN Solutions GmbH. But keen observers may have noticed that the copyright at the bottom of the page changed. I'm no longer an employee of IRIAN, but fortunately I'm able to continue to run Spaaze on my own. And this is exactly what I'm planning to do. Since I'm using it myself, it's in my own interest to keep it running, fix bugs and so on. But I have no plans for adding any new features in the foreseeable future. Everybody is invited to use the service as well, but don't expect any new fancy features.

By the way: With the "legal" change of the provider of this service, also the Terms of Use got updated. But besides the name of the company behind it, nothing changed. Also I've added an own privacy policy for Spaaze (which previously was linked to the IRIAN company policy).