Outage from Jul. 20th 2017

On Jul. 20th 2017 Spaaze went offline, and it took until now to get it back up again. Unfortunately with some data loss. Data created after Jul. 17th was lost.

The root cause of the outage was a problem of our hosting provider caused by a storm which induced a power outage in a datacenter - which should have been covered by a failing UPS (you know how these kind of stories go :)). Unfortunately this corrupted the database, and I wasn't able to restore it. In the end I had to fall back to a backup - which was from Jul 17th. So all data created after this date was lost. The bad luck here was, that currently our backup plan only backs up the database from Thursday till Sunday, but Thursday was the day of the outage. So the last backup was from Sunday. Sorry - my bad...

And as a reminder for anybody who reads this: to be clear - the Spaaze project is actually dead. I keep it running, but as written in the last blog post (3 years ago) there will be no updates. Incidents like this one are unfortunate, but please don't expect much more support regarding this project! Eventually I'll even announce a sundown period before finally turning it off.