Maintenance Downtime on Tue. 3/6/12 4 pm UTC

As described in the last blog post, we haven't been able to perform the actual server upgrade last Saturday. Now we've chosen to go a safer way. We prepare everything, and will simply point to the new server when ready. Since Spaaze isn't using a Load Balancer yet (I can only hope that there will be so many people in the future that we'll have to scale our infrastructure) I prefer to turn off the old one while the transition is in progress (to not mix up states between the two servers). This will be much less painful than what I had planned last Saturday, and need less time.

Maintenance Downtime on Sat. 3/3/12 2 pm UTC

Spaaze will experience a maintenance downtime on Sat. 3/3/12 starting at 2 pm UTC. We'll plan to completely reinstall our application server (switching to a newer operating system) and therefore will be down for approximately 1h. I'll update this article when I have more information and post the actual maintenance start and end on Twitter when they happen. Unfortunately I fear that when using Spaaze while the server goes down no appropriate message will pop up, therefore I'll try to put up an info message within the app during the next week.

New design now also for blog

As mentioned in the last post about the new homepage (over two months ago), I had planned to apply the new design on the blog as well. As you are reading this you probably have already noticed that this has finally happened now! It probably still needs some tweaking, but overall I'm quite happy with the result. The homepage and the blog (although two different systems) now integrate much better in each other (although not perfectly).

Release 1.31: New Homepage

Everybody who already opened will already have noticed: The new homepage has arrived. We are in the process of officially ending the beta status, and part of that was to redesign the homepage. The goal was to make it more informative than before, so that everybody who visits it the first time gets a better idea of what Spaaze actually is. Also of course it should look better than before, and I personally think we achieved this goal.

So let me know what you think!

P.S.: Of course the new design will be implemented for this blog as well in the next days. - The easiest way to communicate

Irian, the company behind Spaaze has launched a new service. It's a neat simple and fast chat service. Logo allows you to easily get in touch with one or more people - no signup or setup required. Just go to, pass your code to your contact and immediately start a chat. Communication made unprecedentedly easy.

Release 1.30: Hotspot navigation & RSS

Shortly after the last update there is new stuff again. Hotspot hash anchor navigation: Some of it wanted it for a very long time and finally it's possible. Also RSS change feeds have been introduced. One catch though: A downtime as announced yesterday. Due to some database updates Spaaze will be down for about an hour. So don't panic when Spaaze isn't available when reading this, we are in the process of rolling out this update.

Planned downtime for release 1.30

Just a short service announcement. I just finished release 1.30 of Spaaze which I will deploy tomorrow. Since this release includes a DB update there will a longer than usual downtime. Usually new releases only cause a service interruption of a second or so which doesn't cause any problems for Spaaze. this time though I'll need about an hour I guess, and clients will not be able to save any unsaved changes when the service is back online!

To cut a long story short: Tomorrow, Jul 20th, starting from 12pm (12:00) UTC there will be a planned downtime.

Release 1.29: Layers, Notes and Pricing

I'm happy to announce a really nice new feature release. It's finally possible to reliably stack items on each other, the note item has been massively enhanced, a new background and general usability enhancements. Also the SpaazePoints pricing system is slowly finalizing.

Release 1.28: Welcome Back

I was able to keep my promise from the last blog post: It's June and I'm back working on Spaaze. Yesterday I deployed release 1.29. The main difference users could notice is Dojo 1.6. Dojo is one of the underlying JavaScript libraries, and I've updated it to the most current version. One of the main motivations for that was IE9.


It has been some time since the last release I've posted about, and I wanted to provide you with an update about what's planned for Spaaze in the next months.

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