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Sundown: Spaaze will close down!

Long story short: Spaaze will be shut down by the end of the year. As a first step we stopped taking on new users. During the summer we will switch to a read only mode, where you can still access your content, but can't add or edit any new content. And finally, by the end of the year, the shutdown.

Update: Spaaze is now in read-only mode.

Good Bye!

I don't want to serve all the clich├ęs. I could write a lot: "For every project comes a time, ...", "It was good as along as it lasted, ...". All this stuff.

But I think I'll stick to the facts. First versions of Spaaze went online nearly 10 years ago (2009) as a side project I had at my old employer. During that time I was able to add new features, even try to monetize it, and actively support it. It never worked out though. I even took the project with me when becoming self employed in 2014. But in reality I just kept it running because I used it myself. No further developments took place. The monetization was silently stopped some years ago and it only happened once or twice that people actually asked for it - so much for that. By now the underlying technology is obsolete - there would be much cooler stuff one could do today on mobile for example. For me the point has come now, that continuing to run the service (server updates, ...) makes no longer any sense. It's just not worth it, for the 10 users a week that still access some of the data here. And since I don't have the time (and if it wasn't clear by now, this really always just has been a one man show) to develop anything new - I simply have to shut it down. Sorry guys - Good Bye!