Release 1.26 and 1.27: Maintenance

Hi fellow Spaaze users!
Hereby I just wanted to let you know that during this week I've update a lot on the Spaaze servers. Some bugs have been fixed on the Spaaze software itself (1.26), but also a lot of software updates for the used server components have been updated (1.27) including the database and the Python framework Spaaze is based on. So while I did my best to ensure availability there have been two short maintenance downtimes. I'm sorry if that caused any inconvenience for anybody.
If any bugs should appear with the new versions don't hesitate to report them!
Yours sincerely, Stefan

Login Problems

Just a small hint, which may be important after the last update introducing the subdomains. If you have problems logging in (clicking on login actually shows the home page of Spaaze) it helps to clear the cookies. This is because previously all cookies have been set for "", while now they are set for "" so that you are still logged in when visiting one of the sub-domain boards.

Item type statistics 11-2010

Back in February I posted statistics about the item usage statistics of the first full moth of Spaaze in January (here). I just thought that I could do that again and provide an update on item usage:

Item type statistics 11-2010

Release 1.25: Enhanced Publishing

One week passed and as suggested in the previous blog post I was working on new amazing stuff. Namely: Enhanced publishing. Every account can now set up a sub-domain and assign nice names for published boards. Like this an URL for a published board like becomes something like

Pretty URLs for Spaaze

Release 1.24: Colored notes

I just realized that it's two months ago since I launched the collaboration features. There has been a lot of work going on in the background since then, but it's obviously time for a new public update.

OpenID incident

Some code changes with the release of the collaboration features two days ago caused an error with OpenID logins (also Google and Yahoo logins). The error caused OpenID logins to create a new board, instead of opening the existing board, without a way to reach your old boards. This has been fixed now, but all users who were affected by this still won't be able to reach their old boards. The old data IS NOT LOST though! So if you are experiencing the described phenomenon, please contact me, so that I can restore access to your board. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this might has caused.

Release 1.22: Collaboration

As announced last week: Collaboration has landed. For now it's a rough first version with some convenience features missing, but finally it's possible to work on the same board without having to share one account. Besides collaboration also board publishing is available now. With board publishing you can make a read only view of your board publicly accessible.

Current developments

In my last update on this blog regarding the iPad version of Spaaze I mentioned that publishing boards will come soon. In different blog entries I also mentioned that making Spaaze collaborative is a step by step process, from it's beginnings without any collaboration to having multiple boards, being able to publish them and finally have collaboration.

iPad and pricing

For nearly three weeks now Spaaze as it is accessible for everybody at already works on the iPad. But before publishing this post and the video below I took it on a test run myself. But lets start with the video:

Release 1.20: Item sharing

Release 1.20 is out. A small release with some work done under the hood, but also two new features for the users. The two new features are item sharing and link-opening directly from the search.

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