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Outage from Jul. 20th 2017

On Jul. 20th 2017 Spaaze went offline, and it took until now to get it back up again. Unfortunately with some data loss. Data created after Jul. 17th was lost.

The root cause of the outage was a problem of our hosting provider caused by a storm which induced a power outage in a datacenter - which should have been covered by a failing UPS (you know how these kind of stories go :)). Unfortunately this corrupted the database, and I wasn't able to restore it. In the end I had to fall back to a backup - which was from Jul 17th. So all data created after this date was lost. The bad luck here was, that currently our backup plan only backs up the database from Thursday till Sunday, but Thursday was the day of the outage. So the last backup was from Sunday. Sorry - my bad...

And as a reminder for anybody who reads this: to be clear - the Spaaze project is actually dead. I keep it running, but as written in the last blog post (3 years ago) there will be no updates. Incidents like this one are unfortunate, but please don't expect much more support regarding this project! Eventually I'll even announce a sundown period before finally turning it off.

State of the union

It's some time ago that there was any news regarding Spaaze. So I think it's about time to clarify the status and future of Spaaze and to summarize the state of the union.

In short: Spaaze will continue to be available online. There are no further updates planned in the foreseeable future. Spaaze will continue to receive security and bugfix updates as necessary.

Infrastructure move: Downtime on Nov. 7th

Attention: Spaaze will be unavailable for some hours starting on Nov. 7th at 1 pm UTC.

Due to a server move we'll take down Spaaze on its current servers on the upcoming Thursday, and it could take some time (for the domain to update and point to the new servers) before it's reachable at its new home.

Maintenance Warning

We just got the info from our hosting provider that on December 13th there will be some maintenance work on our database server from 12am CST to 2am CST, which should be 7am to 9am CET. The word is, that this could lead to some 10 minute long outages. We are still considering how to deal with this. Either we turn of Spaaze entirely during this downtime, or we simply keep it running and live with the 10 minute outages during which it won't be able to sign in to Spaaze and it will not be possible to create, load or save changes to boards. However, we just wanted to warn you that there will be some kind of degraded service during this maintenance window.

The all new Mind42

It has been a little bit quiet around here for the last months, and I wanted to let you know what we are up to at the moment. As you may know, the company behind Spaaze (IRIAN Solutions) also provides other web services. A mind mapping service (Mind42) which was our start into web services, and a chat service (SimpleMeet.me). So after about five years of running Mind42 with a more or less unchanged design, we were working on a completely new Mind42 experience.

Server problems

During the last two days some of you might experienced that Spaaze wasn't reachable and other sporadic errors. From our understanding these problems where caused by some network problems of our hosting provide Rackspace and they are working hard to resolve this recurring issues. For those interested, you can find their explanation of the last incident on their status page. We hope that this won't happen again and are monitoring the situation.

Unreliable full-text search

Just a quick update on a problem some may recently experienced when using search. During the last days we had some problems with the stability of our full-text search service. We are currently tweaking the monitoring and automatic recovery mechanisms to hopefully increase the availability and reliability of this feature.

Spaaze problems on Sun 03/11

Just saw that there has been a problem with Spaaze on Sunday evening CST, respectively Monday morning UTC. Just wanted to let you know that this had nothing to do with our new servers, but rather was one of the rare problems of our hosting provider Rackspace. Seems like they had a network issue between 4:35 and 6:00 pm CST. Once their issues had been resolved Spaaze continued to work normally.

Maintenance Downtime on Tue. 3/6/12 4 pm UTC

As described in the last blog post, we haven't been able to perform the actual server upgrade last Saturday. Now we've chosen to go a safer way. We prepare everything, and will simply point spaaze.com to the new server when ready. Since Spaaze isn't using a Load Balancer yet (I can only hope that there will be so many people in the future that we'll have to scale our infrastructure) I prefer to turn off the old one while the transition is in progress (to not mix up states between the two servers). This will be much less painful than what I had planned last Saturday, and need less time.

Maintenance Downtime on Sat. 3/3/12 2 pm UTC

Spaaze will experience a maintenance downtime on Sat. 3/3/12 starting at 2 pm UTC. We'll plan to completely reinstall our application server (switching to a newer operating system) and therefore will be down for approximately 1h. I'll update this article when I have more information and post the actual maintenance start and end on Twitter when they happen. Unfortunately I fear that when using Spaaze while the server goes down no appropriate message will pop up, therefore I'll try to put up an info message within the app during the next week.

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