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New design now also for blog

As mentioned in the last post about the new homepage (over two months ago), I had planned to apply the new design on the blog as well. As you are reading this you probably have already noticed that this has finally happened now! It probably still needs some tweaking, but overall I'm quite happy with the result. The homepage and the blog (although two different systems) now integrate much better in each other (although not perfectly).

SimpleMeet.me - The easiest way to communicate

Irian, the company behind Spaaze has launched a new service. It's a neat simple and fast chat service.

SimpleMeet.me Logo

SimpleMeet.me allows you to easily get in touch with one or more people - no signup or setup required. Just go to http://simplemeet.me, pass your code to your contact and immediately start a chat. Communication made unprecedentedly easy.

Planned downtime for release 1.30

Just a short service announcement. I just finished release 1.30 of Spaaze which I will deploy tomorrow. Since this release includes a DB update there will a longer than usual downtime. Usually new releases only cause a service interruption of a second or so which doesn't cause any problems for Spaaze. this time though I'll need about an hour I guess, and clients will not be able to save any unsaved changes when the service is back online!

To cut a long story short: Tomorrow, Jul 20th, starting from 12pm (12:00) UTC there will be a planned downtime.


It has been some time since the last release I've posted about, and I wanted to provide you with an update about what's planned for Spaaze in the next months.

Item type statistics 11-2010

Back in February I posted statistics about the item usage statistics of the first full moth of Spaaze in January (here). I just thought that I could do that again and provide an update on item usage:

Item type statistics 11-2010

OpenID incident

Some code changes with the release of the collaboration features two days ago caused an error with OpenID logins (also Google and Yahoo logins). The error caused OpenID logins to create a new board, instead of opening the existing board, without a way to reach your old boards. This has been fixed now, but all users who were affected by this still won't be able to reach their old boards. The old data IS NOT LOST though! So if you are experiencing the described phenomenon, please contact me, so that I can restore access to your board. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this might has caused.

Current developments

In my last update on this blog regarding the iPad version of Spaaze I mentioned that publishing boards will come soon. In different blog entries I also mentioned that making Spaaze collaborative is a step by step process, from it's beginnings without any collaboration to having multiple boards, being able to publish them and finally have collaboration.

iPad and pricing

For nearly three weeks now Spaaze as it is accessible for everybody at spaaze.com already works on the iPad. But before publishing this post and the video below I took it on a test run myself. But lets start with the video:

About the points

With this blog post I want to outline and to explain what we have planned for Spaaze from a commercial point of view - and therefore the title - what is the point system all about.

Item type statistics

January has been the first full month of Spaaze being online, and finally I've also managed to finish some statistics backend. One of the most interesting things to see when analyzing the statistics for the first time was the use of items types. Which items are used most, and therefore, how is Spaaze getting used.

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