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Welcome to the Spaaze Blog

Hi and welcome everybody to the new Spaaze Blog. Finally I've managed to set this up, and create a new channel for communication (besides our GetSatisfaction community and Twitter).

So for now I'll start with a short status update. We officially put Spaaze online in the middle of November, but it took until the end of December until it really started getting recognized. Since then we acquired more then 1500 users (sign ups not active users, I still haven't developed a statistics analysis tool). So until now I'm very happy with how it developed.

Regarding visible progress concerning features I can't promise too much. As it is I'm working on Spaaze mostly in my spare time. And unfortunately my comrade-in-arms, Enrico, vanished. So now I've to take care of all the publicity work (this blog, GetSatisfaction, mails, ...) as well. So there's not much time left for developing new features. Nevertheless I want to share my plans for the next features.

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