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Release 1.33: iPad Bugfixes

The last two days we did some maintenance work on Spaaze. That included infrastructure maintenance but mainly it's bugfixes that I experienced when using the iPad version. It's now possible again to install the bookmarklet on the iPad, and all the editing dialogs now behave much better. Especially when editing note items, there was a problem that made it impossible to scroll the note editor (besides a little trick of using the text selection mode to scroll). This is fixed now, and also all other inputs should react more quickly now. Another fixed thing regards using the bookmarklet on Youtube. Sometimes the bookmarklet did not detect that it was opened on a Youtube page, and only offered the Bookmark item to be added to Spaaze, but not the video item. This is now fixed as well.

End of Beta

We've finally reached the end of the tunnel. Until now Spaaze was more or less still in Beta mode, meaning that everything was still for free while we gathered experience running this service. Now we are happy to announce that we ended the Beta phase. Spaaze grew up and became an adult.

Release 1.31: New Homepage

Everybody who already opened will already have noticed: The new homepage has arrived. We are in the process of officially ending the beta status, and part of that was to redesign the homepage. The goal was to make it more informative than before, so that everybody who visits it the first time gets a better idea of what Spaaze actually is. Also of course it should look better than before, and I personally think we achieved this goal.

So let me know what you think!

P.S.: Of course the new design will be implemented for this blog as well in the next days.

Release 1.30: Hotspot navigation & RSS

Shortly after the last update there is new stuff again. Hotspot hash anchor navigation: Some of it wanted it for a very long time and finally it's possible. Also RSS change feeds have been introduced. One catch though: A downtime as announced yesterday. Due to some database updates Spaaze will be down for about an hour. So don't panic when Spaaze isn't available when reading this, we are in the process of rolling out this update.

Release 1.29: Layers, Notes and Pricing

I'm happy to announce a really nice new feature release. It's finally possible to reliably stack items on each other, the note item has been massively enhanced, a new background and general usability enhancements. Also the SpaazePoints pricing system is slowly finalizing.

Release 1.28: Welcome Back

I was able to keep my promise from the last blog post: It's June and I'm back working on Spaaze. Yesterday I deployed release 1.29. The main difference users could notice is Dojo 1.6. Dojo is one of the underlying JavaScript libraries, and I've updated it to the most current version. One of the main motivations for that was IE9.

Release 1.26 and 1.27: Maintenance

Hi fellow Spaaze users!
Hereby I just wanted to let you know that during this week I've update a lot on the Spaaze servers. Some bugs have been fixed on the Spaaze software itself (1.26), but also a lot of software updates for the used server components have been updated (1.27) including the database and the Python framework Spaaze is based on. So while I did my best to ensure availability there have been two short maintenance downtimes. I'm sorry if that caused any inconvenience for anybody.
If any bugs should appear with the new versions don't hesitate to report them!
Yours sincerely, Stefan

Release 1.25: Enhanced Publishing

One week passed and as suggested in the previous blog post I was working on new amazing stuff. Namely: Enhanced publishing. Every account can now set up a sub-domain and assign nice names for published boards. Like this an URL for a published board like becomes something like

Pretty URLs for Spaaze

Release 1.24: Colored notes

I just realized that it's two months ago since I launched the collaboration features. There has been a lot of work going on in the background since then, but it's obviously time for a new public update.

Release 1.22: Collaboration

As announced last week: Collaboration has landed. For now it's a rough first version with some convenience features missing, but finally it's possible to work on the same board without having to share one account. Besides collaboration also board publishing is available now. With board publishing you can make a read only view of your board publicly accessible.

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