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Release 1.20: Item sharing

Release 1.20 is out. A small release with some work done under the hood, but also two new features for the users. The two new features are item sharing and link-opening directly from the search.

Release 1.18: Multiple boards

Now, after working for more than one week on this one new feature I can finally release it: Multiple boards. And it's a huge step (technically and organizational) towards various sharing and collaboration features.

Release 1.17: Search

Now it's finally here! After a tremendous amount of work I put into this during the past week I finally was able to deploy the search feature for Spaaze.

Release 1.16: Export and HTML snippets

After a smaller release I haven't blogged about now version 1.16 has been deployed. The most prominent features are an export and a new item: HTML snippet.

Release 1.14: External images, Note links and Vimeo

On Monday I released the enhanced note, and I have to admit I forgot something. I had planned to support clickable links within notes as well, but simply forgot it until Jeff from our GetSatisfaction community reminded me.

Release 1.13: Notes reloaded

I've just deployed Spaaze 1.13 which comes with two nice new things. But before diving into the details, here is what happened at 1.11 and 1.12, because there were no blog entries. 1.11 was simply bug fixing and optimization, but also an internal change that makes it easier to roll out bigger changes. The effect was that some may had a "connection error" warning until they reloaded because the server part had changed. The new mechanism added targets exactly this problem. 1.12 was another internal preparation release introducing full text indexing to the database. For now only some administrative data is indexed, but I'm experimenting with it, so that a full text search over all items on the board should be possible soon. Now for the changes in 1.13.

Release 1.10: Backgrounds

Yesterday I finally managed to release the new version 1.10 of Spaaze after screwing it up an Tuesday. But due to the new office of my company and all the moving activities I just couldn't fix this earlier. So what's new in release 1.10? Basically it implements three requests from GetSatisfaction:

Release 1.9: Overview

Spaaze provides an infinite board. Of course there are mechanisms necessary to keep the overview where your stuff is. Initially I've added hotspots and the arrows at the edges for that. But many people asked for a zoom, and I always had to answer, that's technically not possible and based on a very early design decision. But when asking for why people wanted to zoom, it always turned out that they just wanted the overview.

Release 1.8: Image item

Last week there were multiple releases, with release 1.8 just being released right now. Since the file item was released a lot of smaller things were changed, as well as a lot of work in the backend. Here is a list of things that got added in the meantime:

Fixing file bug

The reason for putting out the file item in it's current form was to find bugs, and so I did. There was a problem downloading files with a name containing UTF-8 characters like Chinese, Japanese, and so on. This is fixed now, which hopefully makes the file item more usable for everyone.

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