Board options

Fix board

The right click menu of the board which also hold the alignment options also provides two fixing options. One is "Fix board":

Add hotspot

Fixing your board means that you temporarily can't move your board around. This affects using the mouse using drag and drop, using the mouse wheel, or the arrow keys. But it still works to move the board using the overview or the hotspot dropdown.

The idea behind this is that in some situations you may want to move around items without accidentally moving the board (which happens automatically when you come near the boarders of the board)

Fix items

The idea behind fixing items on the other hand is to avoid moving your items when scrolling around your board very fast. If you have for example a section with lots of Youtube videos (kinda like a video wall) with nearly no space between the items this can be very useful. Fixing the items means that when dragging an item nothing happens. But they are still fully functional and can be edited or clicked (like the links of bookmark items).

Board settings

Within the board setting you currently can change the background of the board, and also set up the virtual page size.

Add hotspot

Currently Spaaze offers 5 different backgrounds, one with freely selectable colors (stripes). Changing the background is charged with 10 SP, but only when you click "Save". So you can select backgrounds from the list to see how it would look like before being charged.

As explained in the help text below the setting the virtual page size is for moving the board with the cursor keys. The idea behind this is the following: When moving around with the cursor keys you for example always want to end up at the same spot when pressing up twice and left twice. For this to work the application always has to scroll the same amount. If Spaaze would scroll exactly one screen width, it would always be different depending on the size of your browser window. This is where this setting comes into place. Most people will probably never have to change this though, since the default works pretty well.

Board export

To be done...


board export would be Really

board export would be Really handy in 'demo' mode as a whole picture--trying out still means doing Something productive afterall. and then again we might juse be too lazy to sign in but want the feature regardless.

in 'demo' mode only, wouldn't harm to have a 'delete all items onscreen' for instant 'blank slate tryout' ;)

Background options

Hi, under settings I did not see an option for changing the background from the cork to something else. I tried on different browsers and no luck. I also created a new board thinking that might work and it didn't.

Wrong settings?

Then maybe you are in the wrong settings dialog? When clicking on the gear icon on the right of the menu bar you'll find a settings dialog with some user options (Default Board, Page Size). This is the wrong settings dialog. The one you are looking for can be found by clicking the board name in the center of the menu bar and choosing the menu entry "Board Settings". There you'll find 3 options: board name, background and delete board.


I would really like to choose settings permanently.
The sticky notes I like better than the notebook form.

And I would like to be able permanently choosing font and size of it.

That would be really nice.

Thans for the great work!

This request already has

This request already has showed up in our getSatisfaction community before (e.g. and will definitely be thought about in future releases.