This page explains what a bookmarklet is and how you can use it. Long story short: With bookmarklets you can simply add bookmarks, notes and youtube items to your Spaaze while browsing the web.

What is a bookmarklet

A bookmarklet is special bookmark, which doesn't open a page, but executes something on the page you are currently visiting. All this magic is possible using JavaScript, but because of exactly this reason browsers have very strict security policies what scripts can do what on which pages. What the Spaaze bookmarklet does, is to open an overlay on the page you are currently visiting. Within this overlay you have the possibility to create a bookmark (with the URL and name prefilled from the page you are staying on), a note or a youtube video if you are on a youtube page.

It might not always works (please report sites where it doesn't), and might looks a little bit clumsy at times (it e.g. needs long to close and shows a black border while closing, all due to security limitations) but best way to add stuff to your Spaaze you've just discoveres. Read on to learn more about the installation and usage.


A bookmarklet is installed by simply putting the special bookmark into your browsers bookmark menu or bookmark bar. You can reach the page containing this special bookmark and some instructions from the settings menu at the top menu bar.

Install bookmarklet

On the page there will be a link called "Add to Spaaze". With most browser you can simply drag this link into your bookmark bar.


With the bookmarklet in place you can go on your discovery tour through the web. Now, whenever your find something you want to put on your Spaaze, for example to read it later or to collect ideas for a project, simply click "Add to Spaaze" from your bookmark bar. An overlay will appear:

The bookmarklet overlay

What you get there looks similar to the settings mode of a bookmark, and it essentially is the same. Modify the already pre-filled data and click "Submit". The bookmark will be at the center of your Spaaze when you open it the next time. Alternatively you could have clicked the notes tab within the overlay. Like this you also can add notes to your Spaaze on whatever page you are currently surfing.

As a bonus the overlay will detect when being shown on a youtube page, and offer to create a youtube item as default on such pages.