Item management

By now you've learned to create and edit items, to set up some structure (hotspots) for your Spaaze, and to move items around. But when dealing with a lot of items these tasks get harder. This page will show you some tricks to better manage your items.

Selecting items

Whenever you've moved an item you've probably recognized that it gets a grey underlay. This indicates that the item is selected. It's also possible to select multiple items. Simply press SHIFT and click on a second item (be careful to not click on the link, e.g. of a bookmark item, when doing this, because this would open the link). Now when you move one of the selected items around, all other selected items will follow.

It's also possible to select multiple items by dragging a rectangle over them as you're used from your desktop. This again works by holding the SHIFT key but not clicking on an item, but dragging a rectangle.

Selecting items using SHIFT-DRAG

Whenever doing the SHIFT-trick please realize, that SHIFT-selected items that where already selected will be unselected. This is the case for SHIFT-CLICK as well as for SHIFT-DRAG. Also note, that when using SHIFT to select items the newly selected items will be added to any already selected item. So if you have selected an item in the center and SHIFT-select another one at a hotspot, both will be affected by moves (also if one of them is out of sight).

Move items to hotspots

By now moving items and hotspots have been covered, but it was never mentioned how to move an item to a hotspot. This is done using the droplet which appears at the bottom of the screen while moving items (the same way items can be deleted). Simply move one or more items, and drop them on the appearing start at the bottom of the screen. A menu will popup where you can choose a hotspot (or simply click somewhere on the background to cancel the move). When selecting a hotspot the items will be moved to a free spot there and the view will be scrolling to the new position of the items.

Moving items to hotspot

Aligning items

Each item is a stand alone entity, there are no dependencies or links between items, so it's your job to move them into a place where it makes sense for you. The problem is though, that you may want to group them in a nice list, and you never manage it to get it straight.

For this purpose a right click menu has been added to Spaaze, providing the menu point "Align". You'll find two commands there, one to align the selected items horizontally, and one to align them vertically. They will always be aligned at the position of the first item (which is the leftmost item for horizontal alignment, and the topmost item for vertical alignment). Using this tool a nice list can be created without any hassle.

Aligning items



It would really help me if sticky notes could be duplicated / copied as I use the colours to denote different aspects of the project but finding the right colour each time a new note is produced will slow things down. Other than that, looks fab so far. : )

Note templates

While duplication is not possible (yet) there is another feature that could help you to speed this task up: note templates!
When you set up 1 note the way you want you can save that style as a template and apply it to other notes. In the note inspector simply go the tab with the star icon and press the template creation button. The template will appear in the list below the button.
The templates are stored for this board only, so for a different board you would have to create the templates again.