Items are the most important building block of the whole Spaaze concept. Items are the actual things you place on your infinite board. There are different kinds of items to store different types in information on your board, each item specialized in handling one type of information. There are items to store text, links, videos, files, images and many more will come.

In the following sections you'll learn how to create, edit, move and delete items.

Creating items

There are two ways to add an item to your Spaaze: Using the add menu or via the bookmarklet. For more information about the bookmarklet please refer to its own help page.

To create a new item simply click the "+" button in the menu bar and choose which item you want to create.

After choosing an item it will appear under your mouse cursor. Depending on the item type it will be in standard mode or in edit mode (ready to be edited), which will be explained in more detail in the next section.

Each item has a number and a white "S" on a blue circle besides it. This is the "price" of the item in SpaazePoints. SpaazePoints is the currency used in Spaaze to charge for the creation of items and other actions. More information about SpaazePoints can be found on the account management help page, but the short answer would be: Unlike many other commercial web applications which use subscriptions, Spaaze uses a pay-per-use pre-paid system.

Editing items

Items represent pieces of information which you keep in your Spaaze. Of course it's possible to edit the stored information (bookmarks, text, ...). All items have at least two modes, a standard mode and an edit mode. Only in edit mode the information the item contains can be edited.

How to get into the edit mode and therefore start editing an item depends on the type of the item, but there are two usual ways: Double clicking the item (for textual items), clicking a wrench icon that appears when hovering the item (all other item types).

Once in edit mode you can edit the content of the item. What and how you can edit it again depends on the item type (see item specific help sections below), but usually you'll have some input fields and buttons to cancel/discard the changes (or pressing ESC), and buttons to save/apply the changes (or pressing ENTER). Editing an item is not costing any SpaazePoints.

Moving items

One of the main features of Spaaze is its infinite nature. Naturally positioning items is one of the most important things to do, thus there are many tricks to move items available. For now we'll start with the most basic move action: In standards mode simply move your mouse over an item, press hte left mouse button, move the mouse to move the item, and release the mouse button to finish the move action. This is called Drag and Drop, and you'll probably know it from many other applications. It also is one of Spaaze's most important interaction mechanisms.

Now for the mentioned tricks: It's possible to select and move more than one item at once, it's possible to move items directly to special placed on the board called hotspots, it's possible to align items vertically or horizontally to each other and it's possible to scroll the board while dragging items by moving them to the edges. It's even possible to prohibit the movement of items to "lock" their position. All this possibilities get described in the chapters after the next one, which introduces all the navigation possibilities first. For those who can't wait here are the links: Item management, Board options

Deleting items

You have two possibilities to remove items from your board you no longer need.

1. Start the edit mode of the item and in the upper left corner of the item there will be an "X" button. Clicking this button will permanently remove the item from your board, so don't mistake it for a button to simply end the edit mode. The image below shows the edit mode of a bookmark edit where you'll see the delete button.

2. While moving items you've probably already recognized the icons which pop up at the bottom of Spaaze during the move. One of these icons is a trash can. Wo while moving the items simply move your mouse cursor over the trash icon (a tooltip will appear which says "Delete 1 item") and release the mouse button.

Item types

As mentioned more than once on this page every item type is specialized, and therefore a little bit different regarding editing and interaction. You'll find a detailed description of every item in the sub-chapters of this page.