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This short paragraph represents "Moving around your Spaaze 101". So how to go to another spot on your infinite board. There are three methods available:

  • Drag & Drop: Click the board (a free spot, not on an item), and drag it. Depending on the JavaScript performance of your browser it will continue scrolling in the direction you dragged when you release the mouse while still moving it fast enough (like lists on the iPhone)
  • Cursor keys: Pressing the arrow keys will move your board around page-wise. How far it scrolls can be configured (see chapter Board options)
  • Mouse wheel: Also the mouse wheel works to scroll the board, depending on the used browser and mouse also horizontal scrolling works.

This are the basic movement actions, of course there are more advanced ones which include moving items and moving to certain spots, which will be covered next.


Hotspots are the key to bring in structure to your Spaaze. A hotspot is simply a spot you want to remember on your board. To create a hotspot simply scroll to a point of your board you want to remember, and press the star icon in the toolbar. Enter a name for the hotspot and you are done.

Add hotspot

Hotspots are only coordinates on your board, and when creating them they won't be visible in any way. So how to use them - what are they for? Hotspots allow you to come back to the exact same spot at any time. When you've scrolled somewhere else, and you want to go back to a hotspot you can simply got there by choosing it from the "Jump to" menu in the menu bar.

Jumping to a hotspot

With some hotspots in place you can start categorizing your items. Like in the screenshot above you can for example create hotspots for certain projects (like "Spaaze development"), categories (like "Tutorials") or anything else like link lists (like "Restaurants & Bars"). How to move your items to hotspots will be described in the next chapter (Navigation).

It's also possible to edit hotspots. To rename or remove hotspots, click on "Edit hotspots" in the "Jump to" menu. There you'll see a list of all your hotspots, where you can edit any of the hotspot names, or remove a hotspot by clicking the delete icon besides it. The changed will be applied when clicking "Save", so if you've accidentally removed a hotspots simply click close or press the "ESC" key to discard the changed.

Editing hotspots

You may have noticed that there is no option to move a hotspot. And yes, currently there is no option to directly do this, but here is a trick how to manually move a hotspot. The problem is that the items around a hotspot (which is simply a coordinate) are not connected in any way with the spot. So you actually have to create a new hotspot, move all items you want to go there to the new hotspot, and then delete the old hotspot. An example: I want to move my hotspot called "Tutorials". So I go to the new spot for it and create a new hotspot called "Turorials new". Then I move all items I want to go to the new hotspot there. Finally I open the edit hotspot dialog and remove the old "Tutorials" spot, and rename the new one.


The center of your Spaaze has a special meaning and there is no need to create a hotspot for it. Wherever your are, a simple click on the "Center" button is enough to return to the coordinates 0/0, the center of your board.

Center Spaaze

The center is important because it's the spot you see when logging in, and it's the spot new items will be added to when using the bookmarklet. The center is like the entrance hall for new items, at least I treat it like this. When surfing the web and adding stuff to my Spaaze, they end up in the center. When I visit my Spaaze I'll find them in the entrance hall, and I can move them to a hotspot or keep them in the center for temporary things. I use the center itself as a spot for new and temporary items (to read it later), and the area around the center for the most important things like todo notes.

Item group indicators

Besides manually scrolling to spots, or navigating by hotspots Spaaze will show arrows to where items are at the borders. These arrows are called group indicators, because there is one arrow for each item group. As you probably have realized by now there is no such thing is item groups, each item is stand alone. But showing one arrow per item would be a lot. Therefore Spaaze tries to detect items near to each other as groups. Additionally if one of these groups covers the coordinate of a hotspot it's assumed that it's a hotspot item group. You see there is a lot of guessing going on for this group and hotspot detection, but overall it hopefully helps to make things a little bit clearer.

Group indicators

As you can see on the screenshot above the arrows have different colors. Black arrows are item groups where a hotspot has been assigned, while white arrows indicate item groups where not hotspot was found. Clicking the arrow will directly scroll the item group into view.


To be done ...


The overview is the latest addition of tools to navigate your Spaaze. It provides a schematic birdview of your Spaaze, showing all items as grey boxes at 10% of their size. Since it's hard to do an overview of infinity it only shows the part of Spaaze where you have items. To open the overview click the icon with the nine little squares in the menu bar.

Overview button

Within the overview you'll see a blue frame showing your current view of the board. You'll see the items as grey boxes and hotspots as star icons. You can move to any spot by clicking there, or dragging the frame there. To close the overview when done press the "X" icon or simply press the "ESC" key.