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This is the new Spaaze Help system. Instead of creating a static manual I thought it would be better to have something dynamic where everybody could help. On the other hand I didn't wanted to set up a wiki, but try the "Book" system of this Drupal installation first.

So basically this is a collection of articles about Spaaze where everybody could help. If you are missing something simply write a comment, and I'll add it, or drop me a line at and I'll give you edit access to this help.


When support https?

Yeah, when to support https?

Not planned

As pointed out in the blog, Spaaze is no longer under active development, so there are no plans to add HTTPS support.

Can't type in notes

Hi, I am able to create notes, but double-clicking does not seem to activate it. There's only the option to drag it to hotspot or the bin. Please help! Thanks.

Can't type in notes

Clicking it once doesn't seem to help either. Any solutions to this?

Sending Board as "Read Only"

Spaaze is a fantastic site, but I noticed there is currently no feature for me to "share" my board. I work in public education and would like to make the contents of my board available to all my colleagues. So far the only feature that I see that would allow me to do that is the collaboration feature, the only problem is I do not want the contents of my board manipulated by any other person but myself. Is there a way to share my board as "read only"? If so, please walk me through what needs to be done to make this a reality. Thank you in advance!



Since you've found the collaboration features your mouse cursor was only inches away from sharing your board. It's called "publishing" (directly beneath the collaboration field). As it says: "By publishing your board you can share a read-only version of this board available to the public". When you check the checkbox you'll get an URL, that everybody can open, but only you can edit the board (when you are signed in).

How many viewers can watch Spaaze at once?

If they are only say, 2 collaborators on the page.. how many people can log onto the page to watch (say there is embedded video)at once?

Is there a hard limit?

So, you say Spaaze boards are infinitely big. I noticed that Spaaze boards use coordinates to position items. That means there is a hard limit for the size of the board: x9223372036854775807y9223372036854775807, which are the maximum coordinates from going northeast from the center of the board, at least if you're running 64-bit servers. To think I would believe that Spaaze is an 'infinite corkboard'. My question is, is it true?


Haha. Yes, technically you are right. There is a limit. And since I'm using JavaScript on the client for the coordinates, and a JavaScript (JSON) based document storage on the sevrer, the biggest number derives form the "Number" type data structure JavaScript uses. And that's 1.7976931348623157e+308.

Spaaze and Youtube

Hello Spaaze Team,

I recently have return to my Spaaze account to find that most of the Youtube links are no longer functioning. Will I be able to post youtube links moving forward? (I received this link!

I hope so!!

Update is coming

Yes, I know about this problem, and the update is half way done. I hope to be able to finish and release it soon.

Spaaze in China

I am not able to access my Spaaze board from within China. On occasion in the past I needed to enter it via a proxy site, but I can't get to that site now. I suspect my being locked out is related to Google now being totally blocked here.

Spaaze in China

That might be. It's well known that China blocks certain sites, and unfortunately there really isn't anything I can do to influence this.

Can't delete board

I no longer want to use my board cause I'm done with my project so I created a new one and surprise! I can't delete my old one. Is it just me or is there a problem?

Board settings

You can delete a board in the "Board settings" which can be found in the top center menu. But you can't have "no" boards, at least one must exist, if you don't cancel your account. So you could simply remove all the content from your board, or create a new empty board, and delete the old one.

Can't edit notes

I can edit the little labels with two clicks, but for some reason spaaze is suddenly disallowing me from editing my notes, regardless of number of clicks, whether the note is new or old, etc. I did a quick search and one person had this problem before, and the resolution was that "I posted the problem, came back, and suddenly it's working again!" I don't know what kind of magic this is...

Still no explanation

I still don't have any explanation for this phenomenon since the last time this happened to somebody. It never happened to me, and errors I can't reproduce are almost impossible to analyze. The small labels are editable by double clicking, that's right. The bigger notes should just be text fields, so clicking into them should show a cursor and you should be able to type away. If this doesn't work there could be many reasons. Maybe it's a bug caused by some special text within the note (then other notes with other text should still be editable)? Does it only happen on one special board, or an all. Does it happen with another browser? These would be the first steps of the error analysis if I had this error myself.

Retrieving a Deleted Note

I accidentally deleted a note. Is there a way I can retrieve it?

Not possible

This is currently not possible. Unfortunately there is nothing like a trash can for Spaaze available, where you could restore deleted items from.

Is there a way to create a group of users?

I am a teacher and would like to use spaaze on a regular basis to kick start my classes. It looks like I would have to invite all my students every time I have a new board. I would have to enter 60+ email address every time I want to share a board. Is there a way to create a group and reference that when inviting the students?

Do you have any suggestions as to how to best handle this logistically?

Thank you-

Currently not possible

No, I fear there's currently no comfortable way to achieve this. Read only access is easily achievable using "board publishing". But there's currently no shortcut to invite 60 users to edit the board.

The only possible alternative I can think of, is to create one account for such activities, and all users should use the same account. I'm not 100% sure if that works - but if I remember correctly that should be no problem.

Thank you so much for your quick reply!

I appreciate the quick reply Stefan. Is there an education version of Spaaze or education pricing?


Unable to share board

Student have logged in using their Google accounts to access a board I have invited them to use but they a message that there is an Error, You have no access to this board. Help, I would like students to complete a class project using Spaaze.

Check sharing/publishing

You probably have to check the collaboration/publishing options. There are two ways to share a board. You can publish it: This makes the board URL accessible in a read only way for everyone (also without accounts). And you can invite registered users to collaborate. This is the part where you have to enter the email addresses of the users you want to invite. But simply entering the email addresses is not enough. Every entered email address receives an email containing a collaboration link. This is like a one time ticket that grants their account access to your board. So using the same link for multiple users won't work.


I'm unsure of the implications of asking others to collaborate on my board.
The context is that I'm a teacher and wish to have the the students in my class contribute/edit my board.
Does each collaborator need their own Spaaze account? If yes, I presume they can use a free account, but once that student uses up his/her 99 points on MY board, they have to pay?
Could you please clarify. Thanks.

That's right

Basically your description is accurate. Collaborators need accounts, free ones will work. Every free user has 99 points, that's also correct, and they will use up their points also if they create stuff on your board. But probably the points are not the limit here. The most points are needed for creating boards, so if the collaborators only add content to boards you created they probably won't need any points at all. The only exception would be uploading files, but in most cases that's not the majority of a boards content, and if you don't want to spend point on that you can use Dropbox or Google Drive and simply create links to the files there on the board.


hiya, im loving spaaze! Its magical when studying for exams.
I would just like to ask if it is possible to maybe upload new fonts or be able to use the fonts on my laptop? Ive got beautiful old typewriter fonts that id love to use on my notes! The more attractive my notes look the ore im interested in learning!

Thanks! x

Currently not planned

At the moment with Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Georgia and Verdana we support the most common of the so called "Web-safe" fonts, meaning that they are available on all browsers from PCs, to Macs, to Phones and Tablets. While your browser of course can display fonts installed on your computer, I don't think there is a practical way to integrate this possibility in the product in a way that would work for all users.
However, during the last years a lot of progress was made in regard to typography on the web, and services like Google Web Fonts provide ways to integrate more exotic fonts. This would be a possibility for Spaaze, but as mentioned in the subject of my reply, we currently haven't planned this.

Grid Feature


I was wondering if there is or could be a feature that more easily separates the board into grids. When I click the "global view" button, it gives me a wider view that I can create hotspots in. That's useful, but the positions are relative to each other and not to the whole board, because when I go to create a new hotspot, it recenters and extends the board when I didn't want it to.

I'd like to create a grid of hotspots so that instead of spiraling out, I can do a column type system. I'm not sure if I'm just doing it wrong or what, but some help would be greatly appreciated!


Infinite space

Hi, currently there is no feature that helps to lay out hotspots, only items can be aligned horizontally or vertically to each other using the right click menu. Regarding the "recenter and extend": That's the whole idea of the infinite space.

The hotspots also are always center points, and not top left points of that "area". Depending on the size of the browser window more or less of your Spaaze is visible of course, and when multiple users visit the same area, the idea was that the center is more important.

Board Content Lost

I signed up for Spaaze, and it was really awesome. I put a lot of content within a board and set everything up. When I reentered Spaaze, however, all of that content was gone.

What happened, and how do I avoid doing that again? I didn't see anywhere to save..

Contact support

As mentioned in other comments on this page: The comments are the wrong place to sort out this kind of issues. Please open an Issue in GetSatisfaction or contact me at
Maybe your content isn't lost, but without any username/e-mail address I can't do any research. Also I would need more information. Like: Did you put all the content on board in one session and the next time it was gone? Then you content maybe hasn't even been sent to the server (warning sign in the bottom right and an alert when closing the window). If that's the case it's probably really gone. On the other hand, if you filled your board over a period of time, and never had problems when coming back, and then one day, it was gone. In that case, your content probably isn't lost. As you can see. Researching this kind of issues just needs so much custom information, that the comments are the wrong place to discuss this. There is no general answer to your question. The problem you experienced is probably caused by a very specific scenario.


There is no box in my Chrome browser showing for me to check to accept the terms! Tried refreshing. No go!

What do I do now?

Contact support

The comments are the wrong place to sort out this kind of issues. Please open an Issue in GetSatisfaction or contact me at

Generally: When opening Spaaze for the first time with Google Login a form will appear that lets you define the username and agree with the ToS. There are no known problems with Chrome.

Can we search among notes/links etc

I enjoy using spaaze. One feature I would like to have is "searching" functions. Thanks.

There is a search function.

There is a search function. Just click the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar.

Text colours and fonts for notes/sticky notes

Hi everyone,

I have also been enjoying the opportunity to use spaaze. I am an upper primary school teacher and have created several boards for my kids with the plan that they to will create a record of their learning on their own boards.

One thing I would like to be able to do is create different colours for different sections of a text as I type in a note for a selected hot spot. It seems to me that any change to the font or text colour affects the entire text rather than a section that I have tried to select. The reason for different colours is to allow different year levels to read what is relevant to them. Any thoughts anyone are welcome?



I am having trouble getting the label feature to work. Sometimes it works and sometimes I can't actually control the text on the label (can't over write "new label". Is this me or is there a trick?
Thanks! Carla

Label Editing

You have to double click a label to edit it's text.

version/update notes

Hello Stefan,

Wonderful job on spaazee.

Can we have some sort of update feature? When someone posts, we need to know - date of update and link to updated section. At the moment we are doing this notification manually.



RSS feed

For public boards you could use the RSS feed for that. Using a Feed Reader like Google Reader or various other desktop application you could subscribe to the RSS feed of the board which lists the last 20 changed items of the board. As mentioned though: This only works for public boards (since I wasn't able to protect the RSS feeds appropriately from unauthorized users and I didn't want to give away the boards content like this).
Besides this current solution I know that some kind of change notification would be useful - it's on the list.

Stefan can you comment on....

The security of the Spaaze system should we decide to use it for private or sensitive information.



how do i post something on my corkboard?!