What to do with Spaaze?

What is Spaaze and why?

Spaaze is an infinte virtual corkboard you can put stuff on. Stuff like bookmarks, texts, images, files, videos, and more (new items constantly under development). Of course, for some it might be hard to find a use case for Spaaze.

So why is Spaaze as it is? Simply because I wanted a service without a given use case and without a given structure. I've developed an application for mind mapping myself (http://www.mind42.com) and know a lot of other really good web services (like Remember the milk for todos, Delicious for bookmarks, Google Docs for documents, ...). But the problem is that when using all of them your data gets spread all over the internet. Also every of this applications has it's use case, and doesn't really fit for anything else. Of course I could store links I want to remember in a todo list, I could write a todo list in a document, and I could store URLs as todos in a bookmarking service, but would this work out? The problem is that specialized services force you into a given structure.

I wanted to create a web app which doesn't has a given structure, and therefore can be used for everything. This has pros and cons. Like with hardware, there is always the question what's better, the generalized gadget which does everything (but maybe not that good), or the specialized one which does one thing, but really good. I'd say a mix of both. Specialized software (and gadgets, the metaphor is still valid :)) for the things I use most - there the advantages of specialization really pay off (like fast - task centric - keyboard shortcuts, suitable presentation, ...). But I really don't need, and don't want to sign up for a hundred specialized applications providing services I only use once in a while. For these things, I prefer the generalized solution, where I can put all my stuff into it, and manage it myself.

But why have a web app for this and not simply store all these things on your Desktop? Well, I used to do so, but with one computer in the office, one at home, and a notebook I had the same problem as with web applications. The information was spread among multiple places.

This is Spaaze, and this is why I did Spaaze as it is.

Below there are some use cases described in more detail, for those of you who still can't imagine how Spaaze works, and who haven't tried it out for yourself.

Storing things temporarily

Using Spaaze in combination with the bookmarklet is perfect to store things temporarily. This covers use cases where you'd normally use something like instapaper.com. While surfing the web you find an interesting article, or a video, or some products in an online shop you haven't decided to buy yet. Simply add these kind of things to Spaaze. In Spaaze you can store them in the center, or move them to some hotspots for categorizing them. Once you're done you can delete the item.

It's also good for textual temporary information. For example I have a todo list with my todos of the week, which I permanently change and update, or a note with some recipes, which I want to try out first before adding them to my recipe collection. Instead of having these things spread over multiple other web services I simply keep them on my Spaaze.

Storing things permanently

Once you have stuff on your Spaaze, you may also decide to keep them permanently. Since Spaaze is infinite you can keep adding stuff to Spaaze and then organize it. Organization, well that's the downside of a generalized system like Spaaze, but I've added some mechanisms to make this easier. Hotspots, to remember certain spots on the board, this allows you to categorize items by moving them to certain spots, an overview about all items and it's also possible to move multiple items at once and apply basic alignments on selected items. You'll find more about this later in this handbook.

Mood board

Spaaze itself is more or less a direct implementation of the mood board idea some may know. If not, try a Google Image Search. It's the use of a cork board to collect ideas and inspirations for projects. With the image item Spaaze of course can be used like this.

But it's also possible to use Spaaze for general planning, not only the visual mood board way. Like showed in one of our screencasts, planning a trip is no problem. Simply collect all the snippets of text, images, links, videos and files which belong together on Spaaze. The same principle can of course be applied to other things, like furnishing your home or brainstorming ideas.



When do you plan on being Android ready?


As you might know we are already iPad ready. The used web APIs should work on Android too, but due to the lack of an Android tablet I can't really test this at the moment.

But it is not yet in the

But it is not yet in the Android app store.... ok

Not planned

And it's not planned to put it in the Android app store (or in the iOS app store). Spaaze is a web app, and really a very small project. So we simply don't have enough people or time to create such apps. Sorry.

exporting boards

I am wondering if there are plans to develop more exporting options for a board (such as image file, PDF etc) so you can export the board and it's visuals accurately for printing ect.

Export Formats

While we don't have any real plans yet we definitely think about this as well. The current export as HTML was implement very early on to allow people to get their data out of Spaaze at all. It's also was the most flexible format for the different data in a board. All other export formats probably would be more specialized and as said, we are thinking about it.